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Best Practices for Cleaning Bassboss Boxes

Just saw this...

Thanks David for all the tips. I did find that using a soft hand and nail brush does a good job for getting the majority of the dust out, and gets into the texture pretty well without damaging anything. I actually used it to clean all my gear after the desert event and they were cleaner than they'd been even before all that dust.

Luckily the dust was very fine and powdery, so nothing is lodged anywhere, and if i had the air compressor it would probably take care of 95% of it.

So far nothing it has been exposed to has been sugary or sticky, so i've not needed to use any kind of soup, and the finish is still very new looking.

I'm attaching a photo of the brush i'm talking about. Might be useful for anyone who has dusty equipment used outdoors a lot as i tend to. It gets in between knobs and buttons and in cracks quite well. [edit: That function doesn't seem to work]

I'll keep all the other tips on reference as i progress to keep these things looking new. I'll let you know as things move forward!

Best Practices for Cleaning Bassboss Boxes

So as you know, i've acquired 4 ZV18's and Two DJ112's, and after road testing these bad boys and being around a lot of Arizona dust, they are now quite a bit dusty.

Most particularly was a desert burner party with relatively high winds which blew all kinds of dust around these things, in the logo imprints and even in the ports. While i can certainly get at these with a vacuum and canned air (i'd have to find a compressor to borrow), along with wet towels and sponges, etc..., the truck liner material is actually a bit difficult to clean.

Since i can't just take these out back and hose them down, what are the kinds of tips and techniques you guys have developed for keeping these things looking as new as possible; and should i consider at least taking the plates and grills off to be extra sure, or does the foam padding do a decent job of blocking particulates.

I think keeping this kind of high end equipment as aesthetically top notch is a big part of reputation and presentation, so let me know how to save myself some time keeping these as nice as possible.

Glen Allan

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