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Question about the AB-36-B and TS-42 from Cerwin Vega
Have u ever tested the AB-36-B or TS-42 from Cerwin Vega?  I have the ab36b's and I want to go to the 42's.  But with all that I am reading about your powered subs... it makes me think.   I'm a diehard CV fan for many many years.  I DJ lots of electronic music that has low frequency bass for house parties, outdoor events and weddings.  What's your take on it?   I would really like to have your opinion on this. thanks!
Questions About Amplification and Specifications
I'm sorry to bother you so much, but I'm reading your articles and that is some of the most help I've had in finding what specs are important when looking at options for speakers. Of course I'm still not an expert but this really helps! If you could help clarify though, when looking to buy speakers, of course wattage, dB output and frequency spectrum are important, as well as quality of the speaker and durability, but as a consumer I've always just looked for some of the biggest number watts the system can put out and I go with that. (Which you implicitly mention in your article, is how most speaker companies are successful in selling their products but is not always the best speaker for the customer's needs).

1) So just to clarify it is extremely possible, specifically talking about subwoofers, when frequency spectrum and quality are similar between two products, it's possible that a 700w sub can have a dB output that's louder or just as loud with the same quality as a 2400w sub? If so, would that be shown on paper as the Max peak SPL? (Main point I'm getting at is if I run into a decision between buying a 700w speaker with 128dB @ 1m, and a 2400w speaker with 128dB @ 1m, the best decision would be go with the 700w speaker, or are there other factors that would make one better than the other?)

2) You mentioned "One could build a ruthlessly efficient system that was 112dB at 1 watt but did nothing at 30Hz. One could also build a desperately inefficient system that had 60,000W of power that would move more air with the fans in the amps than with the speakers."
Similar question to question #1, are you saying that the efficiency (output dB @ 1 m) and effectiveness (amount of Watts it takes to expend that dB at 1 m) is what a consumer should look at when figuring out what system to buy (assuming main goal is loudness and clarity).

3) What else matters besides efficiency? You said "Efficiency is the ratio of work done to the effort expended. Watts are how we measure the effort expended and dB are how we measure the work done". Does efficiency correlate to effectiveness? If I read that right, that means it takes less watts for a highly efficient system, to achieve the same dB, as a higher watt/lower efficient system does.

When comparing two speakers, when a customer's main goal is how well a sub will shake a building, the two things to look at are the efficiency (dB output @ 1 meter) (E.g. 93dB@1 m = 1% efficient; 96dB@1 m = 2% efficient) and peak watts the system has? You explain the dB @ 1m with 1W, calculation very well. That shows how efficient a speaker can be, but then how do you add in the max speaker wattage? Do you take that efficiency rating and use it to compare speakers? (E.g I have two speakers with the same efficiency; one is speaker A is 100w and speaker B is 105watts. Does that mean speaker B will be louder since it has the same efficiency?

For example: my old Alto Black 18" subwoofer had 2400 Watts and it's Max peak SPL = 133dB @ 1 meter.
Frequency = 27-160Hz

Your ZV18 has 2400 Watts and it's Max peak SPL = ?
Frequency = 21Hz - 95Hz

4) If the dB for the ZV18 is the same as the Alto Black, then that would theoretically mean that they are equally as efficient and effective, correct? If you put them together would they sound any different in regards to ability to shake a building If I'm wrong, could you please educate me further? Like you said, it takes years to become an expert on this stuff, but I'm trying my best.
If I'm right though, as someone who is going to try to promote and sell your product, what justifies the extra money being spent? Durability of the speaker assumed being nearly the same.

I apologize for so many questions. I tried to split each individual question into a section for your convenience. Absolutely no need to rush and answer. Take as much time as you need. I know you are a busy man. I honestly appreciate the help. Online forums don't help very well, but your article helped me so much (that is, if I understood everything correctly).

Zach S.
Can I run my system on a generator?
I was looking to buy a generator to run my system on. Can I use this one?


D. C.
SSP118 Powered Subwoofer VS the RCF 8004 Sub?
This is great, thank you.

SSP118 Powered Subwoofer VS the JBL SRX818 Sub?
Thanks again David. This is very helpful.

SSP118 Powered Subwoofer VS the JBL SRX828 Sub?
Thanks David! Very informative. I really appreciate the time you put into this.

Troubleshooting Sub Performance?
Hi David,

I have tried all the tests except for the measurement. I have tracked down the culprit of all these. It was the Mono LCR channel of my X32 rack. I rerouted the signal to the left channel and viola, it got the full spectrum. Once again thank you for the support!

Troubleshooting Sub Performance?

I'm having a problem with my subs. I'm not really sure what's going on. A lot of time my tops will just produce most of the bass. The subs will produce the lower frequency but not the higher ones. Seems like the subs are missing some beats.

I noticed it on the songs "Single Ladies" by Beyoncé and "Cha Cha Slide" by Platinum Band.

Could you explain the differences between the ZV28 and the Yorkville LS801P and LS2100P?
Could you explain the differences between the ZV28 subwoofer and the Yorkville LS801P and LS2100P subs?

4 TRX218 Carvin subs VS. 2 ZV28 Subs?
Very nice info... I use these 99% of the time for live sound... I use a yamaha subkick mic and it really like sub low frequencies.

I think these would work well for what I use them for... 
thank you.
4 TRX218 Carvin subs VS. 2 ZV28 Subs?
I currently run 4 TRX218 Carvin subs running 2000 watts per box. How would just 2 of your boxes compare to the Carvin boxes?

They are 10 years old and still bumpin...

Darren T.
SSP118 Powered Subwoofer VS the JBL SRX828 Sub?
How does the SSP118 Subwoofer compare to the output and frequency range of the JBL SRX828?

John W.
SSP118 Powered Subwoofer VS the JBL SRX818 Sub?
How does the SSP118 Subwoofer compare to the output and frequency range of the JBL SRX818?

John W.
SSP118 Powered Subwoofer VS the RCF 8004 Sub?
How does the SSP118 Subwoofer compare to the RCF 8004 Sub?


John W.
Why Did a Product or Price Change?

I've been checking out the SSP218 and noticed that the amplification and price have changed.

What's up on that?
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