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How does the SSP118 Subwoofer compare to the RCF 8004 Sub?


John W.
Hi John,

We tried valiantly to see if we could get an RCF 8004 to put to the test, but we could not find any available locally. As soon as one becomes available, I'll be glad to test it to verify their claims. I was, however, able to use the information from RCF's website to create a comparison graph of the SSP118 versus the RCF 8004.

The graph below shows the BASSBOSS SSP118 frequency response, in blue, vs the RCF 8004 response, as published by RCF, shown in dark grey.  The grey line was transposed directly from their spec sheet.  You can find the source here:

In the specifications provided by RCF, it isn't indicated at what power level this frequency response was measured. The graph indicates the relative frequency response of the two loudspeakers, it does not indicate relative sensitivity nor relative maximum output.

The BASSBOSS SSP118 specifications state frequency response from 30Hz to 100Hz +-3dB. The RCF 8004 specifications claim the same 30 Hz to 100Hz response.

If you use RCF's published frequency response graph to determine the frequency response specifications, you would have to conclude that the measured response doesn't deliver as promised in the written specifications. The RCF 8004's published graph indicates response that is +-3dB from 45Hz to 80Hz.

If you use the SSP118s frequency response graph to determine the frequency response specifications, it's clear that the the SSP118 delivers down to 30Hz as promised. Strictly speaking, the SSP118 is 1dB below spec at 100Hz but is also .5dB above spec at 30Hz. 

To put it in even more stark perspective, the RCF 8004's published response graph indicates that is is in fact 20dB below spec at 30HZ, so instead of being -3dB at 30 Hz it's actually -23dB at 30Hz. 

The SSP118 also provides an amplifier with double the power. (2400W rms -vs- 1250W rms) 

So the SSP118 delivers on it's promise of bass to 30Hz and provides double the amplifier power to push it. The cabinet and amplification are made in the USA and tech support and service is also here in the USA. I like deep bass better and I'm confident that the SSP118 delivers better bass and much better value. 

David Lee

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This is great, thank you.